Wisconsin’s crew history is a long and proud one, beginning with intramural rowing in 1874.  The purpose of this website is to help current and former rowers and their families become more familiar with the full, rich breadth of this unique history.  Current rowers and their families usually know little of this legacy; most former rowers know four years of it and the many coaches often know only of their own coaching periods.

This site attempts to make accessible the entire tapestry of this Badger varsity team’s history.  In addition, an attempt is being made to keep the story living and growing, by seeking comments, stories and photos from all generations involved.

Please visit the site often, send any stories and photos you’d like to include.  Photos and descriptions you want to include can be mailed, scanned and returned.  Friends has many regatta programs, but not all photos from these programs are included on the site.  If you have a story related to such program photos, send us the story with a photocopy of the photo and we’ll check to see if we have the original program. The address of Friends is:

Friends of UW Men’s Crew Inc.
3014 Woods Edge Way
Madison, WI  53711-5153

In addition to supporting this history website, Friends regularly gives computer equipment, video and other electronic items, banners, recognition to alums and contributors and other support to the crew program.  Friends also organizes and hosts, or co-hosts, alumni cocktails and other events to keep UW’s alumni interested and in-contact with the program.

Thank you for your interest in this site.  If you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation to Friends {a 501( c)(3)} to help keep this history growing and current, please send your contribution to “Friends” at the address above


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