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Named UW’s freshman coach in the fall of 1994, Clark came from a similar position at the U.S. Naval Academy. A college and U.S. National team rower, Clark also rowed for Oxford University – an interesting experience to be sure – including competing in the famous Oxford-Cambridge “Boat Race” of 1986.

Early in his tenure as head coach, Coach Clark served as an assistant coach on three U.S. National Teams that won the 8-oared event at the World Rowing Championships in 1997, ’98 and ’99. Lessons learned abroad are translating well to his efforts with the UW crews. Since becoming head coach at Wisconsin in the fall of 1996, Clark ’s squad of Badgers has won the Ten Eyck Trophy in four of the last five years, including 13 boats winning IRA titles. His rowers have been named to the squads of the U.S. National and Nation’s Cup Teams in four of the last five years. An auspicious start to what is hoped to be a long and fruitful career as the Badger coach.

With scholarships in men’s crew becoming ever more widely-spread at both nationally-ranked and regional crew colleges over the past ten years, Coach Clark faces new challenges in attracting outstanding athletes to the team each year. Recruits are still gathered from registration and orientation days in Madison , but that is no longer enough. Experienced oarsmen from Wisconsin , the U.S. and abroad must be brought into the fold as freshmen for UW to remain a national contender. It is a great challenge to gather the talent, coach it, and shape it to create a high-quality squad large enough to boat serious entries in each of the national heavyweight events hosted by the IRA and to win the Ten Eyck Trophy each year.

Naturally, we wish Coach Clark, his coaching staff and his fine young athletes every success in building on UW’s long, proud rowing tradition!



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