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Ten Eyck, the first American to win the Diamond Skulls trophy at Henley (at age 17) and son of the famous sculler and Syracuse University coach Jim Ten Eyck (for whom the IRA's team Ten Eyck Trophy was named in 1952), was lured from a lucrative position as coach of the Philadelphia Barge Club by newly-hired UW Athletic Director C. P. Hutchings, Syracuse's former football and track coach.

Ned soon persuaded his father to bring Syracuse University 's crew to Madison in the spring of 1907 - their first trip out of New York . In a shocker, Wisconsin 's eight defeated the Syracuse varsity by a boat length on a darkening, early-evening race on Lake Mendota . Adding insult to injury, Ned's Wisconsin's frosh, a month later, found the choppy Hudson River to their liking and won their second Poughkeepsie Regatta title with another one-length victory over father Jim Ten Eyck's Syracuse.

In 1910, Ten Eyck's Badgers hosted the famous crew coach Hiram B. Conibear's and his then-named Washington “Sun Dodgers” for a two-mile race in Madison . Washington was on its way to its first Poughkeepsie Regatta. The Badgers won by three lengths in a drenching rainstorm. Following a declining record over four years, and the destruction by fire of the Wisconsin coach's launch at a Hudson River dock the day after the Poughkeepsie Regatta, Ten Eyck resigned.



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1907 1908 1909


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