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A UW rower, Rea was awarded the George I. Gross Trophy (Goss was a friend of Coach Walz) in the spring 1942 for his leadership in a strong performance against Harvard in the Adams Cup on the Charles River . Rea, a member of the Athletic Board and President of the “W” Club, took over for Walz in early 1943 when the latter joined the Navy in November 1942.

The 1942-43 season was mostly intramural races among the few remaining male students and military inductees finishing undergraduate degrees, but did include races against St. John's Military Academy and Culver Military Academy . Rea graduated in June of 1943 and himself joined the Navy in July of 1944, from an engineering position at Douglas Aircraft. After the war, Rea joined The Heil Co. and, quite coincidentally, worked alongside former UW coach Mike Murphy manufacturing automated Heil garbage trucks.

Rea's uncle Will Gibson, UW's captain in 1901, rowed for Wisconsin in the number 5-seat in the Berry Crate race of 1899 and bequeathed Rea the 2 nd place medal.



George Rea


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