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A UW varsity coxswain elected captain for the 1934-35 season, Hunn relinquished the title and became Wisconsin's seventh crew coach, the youngest head crew coach in the country.

Like Murphy in his last three years, Hunn, in his first two years as head coach, did not attend the Poughkeepsie Regatta. Murphy missed one regatta when the depression cancelled the races. The other four years' absence was due to lack of funds for the crew program.

In 1935, Hunn brought his Badgers, as unofficial participants, to the Marietta Regatta. This was the second annual race offering the “Rusty” Callow-sponsored “Dad” Vail trophy to the winner. Ironically, on the way to the regatta, UW's “Dad” Vail shell was sideswiped by a farmer's truck and demolished. Today, this regatta for small college and newly-introduced rowing program crews of men and women has become the “Dad” Vail Regatta, the largest college rowing event in the U.S.

For the four years 1937 to 1940, Wisconsin 's varsity eight, in a field of from 6 to 8 entries, drifted between 5 th and 7 th place at the Poughkeepsie Regatta. Hunn's last year at Wisconsin was the 1939-40 season, when AD Harry Stuhldreher, a former quarterback and one of the Four Horsemen of Notre Dame, replaced him.



Ralph Hunn Ralph Hunn Ralph Hunn


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