1898 Season

Andrew O'Dea
Andrew O'Dea
  Curran C. McConville
Curran C. McConville
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Season Results

IRA 3 (First IRA)

Season Summary

But for its participation in the 1898 Poughkeepsie Regatta, UW’s varsity crew team rowed only against club teams. The Badger’s results in its fifth of five series against the Minnesota Boat Club are not known.

The freshmen raced June 7, 1898 against St. John’s Military Academy on a two-mile course on Lake Mendota, winning by nine lengths in a time of 10:44.


At the IRA’s:

The “Poughkeepsie Regatta” was transferred to Lake Saratoga because the Spanish-American war had made the New York Central’s West Shore Railroad observation train, with priorities elsewhere, unavailable along the Hudson River near Poughkeepsie. Others worried the Spanish navy might “sail right up the Hudson.” Another influence were “the blandishments of resort hotel-keepers” at Lake Saratoga.

Wisconsin entered its first IRA on July 2, 1898. The Badger eight finished third behind Penn (15:51.5) and Cornell and ahead of Columbia. Following the IRA race, UW’s O’Dea was hired away as crew coach of the University boathouse, one of two boathouses and crews at Harvard, under head coach Ned Storrow.


The Fifth Annual Minnesota Boat Club Race

Results of this fifth and last race in the series against the Minnesota Boat Club are not known.

{Note: A careful review of the Milwuakee Journal for the summer of 1898 (June through August) uncovered no evidence of a race in 1898, despite several articles over that summer giving prominence to other rowing events.}



Alonzo A. Chamberlain
Harry R. Crandall
R. T. Logeman
Israel Mather
Lester C. Street


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