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Andrew O'Dea
Andrew O'Dea
  Arthur H. Miller
Arthur H. Miller
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Season Summary

The varsity seems to have had no races prior to the Poughkeepsie Regatta, taking sole consolation in having rowerd, at least on one occasion, faster than any previous Wisconsin crew. Commodore Cudworth Beye wrote in The Badger 1907 , “..a trial on the water showed then superior to any other Wisconsin crew…some seconds less than any other Wisconsin crew had ever done.”

Beye also noted that rough water on Lake Mendota kept the crew on shore an average of two or three times per week. Two weeks before departing for Poughkeepsie , “the coach (O'Dea) was not able to train the fellows from the launch, as ours had given out absolutely.”

The freshmen eight raced St. John's in Delafield , WI on June 8, 1905 under fair weather conditions and a head wind on a 1¼-mile course. The UW frosh ( 7:46 ) lost by 8 feet to St. Johns ( 7:45 ). The UW freshmen boating: R. Osbourne (bow), H. H. Brerton, W. Gorman, W. R. Cook, S. M. Walmsley, V. A. Rush, W. H. Conlin, A. C. Schleifer (stroke) and H. D. Phelps (coxswain).


In the IRA's :

The June 29, 1905 New York Times headline read: “Cornell Wins Two College Boat Races” (those being the Varsity and Freshman eights events). “Varsity Eight-oared Race. Four Miles. - Cornell first, Syracuse second, Wisconsin third. (Note: This was obviously an error by the New York Times , probably reporting Wisconsin's lane assignment rather than its final placement at the finish; the Official IRA records, and The Badger 1907 (p. 438), report the order of finish as: Cornell (20:29.4), Syracuse (21:47.4), Georgetown (21:49), Columbia (21:53.8), Pennsylvania (21:59.8) and Wisconsin (22:06.2).)

Cornell had gotten revenge for Syracuse 's 1904 varsity eight victory by winning by a margin of twenty lengths; the crew is regarded as the greatest that Charles E. Courtney, the Cornell wizard, ever coached.

Wisconsin's varsity boating: B. B. Burling (gow), F. E. Johnson, F. E. Van meter, B. F. Davis, D. W. Miller, G. G. Ryder, A. H. Miller (Captain), R. H. Lea (stroke) and T. L. Burke (coxswain).

The Harper's Weekly of July 15, 1905 (Vol. XLIX No. 2534, p. 1010.) described the June 28 race with Cornell winning the varsity eight - Cornell (20.29.4), Syracuse, and Georgetown - also contradicting the New York Times - and the freshman eights finish as Cornell (9:35.4), Syracuse, Columbia and Pennsylvania (Wisconsin did not bring a freshman entry).

The varsity fours without coxswains finished their two-mile event in fair weather: Syracuse (10:15.4), Cornell (10:17.4), Penn (10:33.4), Columbia ( 10:45 ) and Wisconsin ( 10:52 ). Wisconsin 's straigt four boating: G. S. Hine (bow), A. C. Boyle, G. G. Wilder, C. S. Reed (stroke).



1905 Varsity 8

Varsity 8 Halftime Boat Gift



A. C. Boyle
T. L. Burke
G. G. Byden
F. Ellis Johnson
Arthur H. Miller
D. W. Miller
Carl S. Reed
Earl B. Rose
Arthur H. Schumacher
Robert G. Stevenson


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