1923 Season

Harry 'Dad' Vail
Harry 'Dad' Vail
  Beau Hoopman
Beau Hoopman
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Season Results


Season Summary

Wisconsin had a late start in spring practice and a “dearth of material” resulting in two varsity losses (to the Duluth Boat Club May 26, 1923 by a length and a half and to Washington University June 16, 1923 on a two-and-one-half mile course) and three JV losses (to St. John's Academy by ¾ of a length; to Culver Academy in Culver, Indiana by a half-length; and to Washington on June 16, 1923).

Against Washington June 16, the varsity kept abreast of Washington for half of the race until Washington called for increased stroke. The Badgers could not respond. In the last quarter-mile spurt, the Cardinal oars splashed vengeance and succeeded in regaining two lengths but lost by four lengths. Washington won the Poughkeepsie regatta two weeks later. About 4,000 alumni and students witnessed the race from shore and from barges. Wisconsin 's varsity boating: Crozier (bow), Gill, Klussendorf, Bentson, Okerstrom, Scheutz, Newcomb, Johnson (stroke) and Hanley (cox).

The Washington frosh eight also won their race against the Badger frosh. The Huskies frosh were rowing in the Husky , which had been christened a few hours before on Lake Mendota by former Washington crew coach Hiram Conibear's daughter Katherine. Encouraged by Washington crew coach, Rusty Callow, George Pocock had left Boeing sevedral months earlier to start his boat-making business. The Husky was the first boat built by Pocock. Coach Callow later encouraged the formation of the annual “Dad” Vail Regatta in Philadelphis for medium-sized colleges and new crew programs.


In the IRA:

The New York Times front page article dated June 29, 1923 summarized these results: on the 3 mile varsity eight course - Washington (14:03.2; the first ‘western' winner in the varsity eights. Wisconsin, considered a ‘westerner' by the IRA's founders, had to wait until 1951 for their first victory in the varsity eight event., though its frosh had already won, in 1900 and 1907), Navy, Columbia , Syracuse , Cornell and Penn; junior varsity eights (2 miles - Syracuse , Cornell, Columbia and Penn; and freshman eights - Cornell , Washington , Syracuse , Penn and Columbia .

Further study had changed the conviction of the medical advisors who previously felt rowing made for bad heart conditions. As a result, permission was granted to compete again at Poughkeepsie .



Katherine Conibear christens new Varsity shell

Katherine Conibear christens new Varsity shell


Varsity 8

Varsity 8



Harold "Jack" Bentson
Everett H. Crozier
K. H. Fauerbach
Raymond C. Klussendorf
Don C. Newcomb
Paul J. Okerstrom
Ralph J. Schueutz
Oscar W. Teckemeyer
Gerald Wade


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