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Harry 'Dad' Vail
Harry 'Dad' Vail
  Oscar Teckemeyer
Oscar Teckemeyer
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Season Summary

The IRA Standards Committee early in January 1925, lengthened the Hudson course to four miles. Maxwell Stevenson, former No. 6 oar with Columbia 's 1901 boat (which place second in the varsity eight), and now the new IRA chairman, spearheaded the move.

Results of the regular season are unknown. 

The IRA Program of 1925 (p. 26) mentioned, Last year and again this year, a new shell was purchased this year from Pocock, the famous Seattle boat-builder and equipped with special out-riggers and oars designed by coach Vail.

In 1925, no one could be found to take the place of Johnson at stroke and events proved that this was about the factor which kept Wisconsin from being as fast as it was in the previous year. In the 1925 varsity race at Poughkeepsie , Wisconsin staged another startling sprint and passed Penn, Columbia , Cornell, Syracuse to finish third behind Washington (2 nd ) and Navy (1 st ) crews.


In the IRA's:

The New York Times front page headlines of June 23, 1925 read:

Navy Crew Humbles Washington Huskies and Sets A Record…Middie Varsity Leads Two-Time Champions by ¾ of a Length in 19:24 4/5 Before 50,000…Wisconsin Finishes Third…First Four-Mile Race Since 1916

Rowing writer James R. Harrison went on later in his article:

Wisconsin was third, a bad third (19:38, ahead of Penn, Cornell, Syracuse and Columbia, and only the second field of seven at Poughkeepsie to date, the first being in 1907) and then came the other Eastern crews. Wisconsin, which had been stealing up quietly from a rear position, was now in third place and was there to stay. The Badgers, although never in a contending position, nevertheless rowed a race that was well-judged according to the ability of the crew. The Madison oarsmen beat out the three Eastern crews, Cornell, Columbia and Syracuse, because they were wise enough not to shoot their bolt in a hapless pursuit of the leading pair (of boats).

The UW freshman boat was 5th of five at the IRA's in a photo-finish won by Syracuse, then Penn, Columbia and Cornell.



Gordon Arey
Harold "Jack" Bentson
Jefferson D. Burrus, Jr.
Harold L. (Jerry) Coulter
William Gerhardt
Eric Grunitz
C. J. Jax
Orville L. Jones
John C. McCarter
Henry C. McCormick
Richard V. Rhode
Keith C. Sly
Oscar W. Teckemeyer


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