1928 Season

Harry 'Dad' Vail
Harry 'Dad' Vail
  Franklin Orth
Franklin Orth
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Season Results


Season Summary

In the 1928 season, the crew again was classed as sub-standard and Coach Vail, then suffering from illness which finally caused his death, was unable to direct the early (“most of season. Boat coached itself.”) training. When he did take hold, he was a very sick man, working only on his courage. The crew failed to show Poughkeepsie requirements and shortly before the date for the race, it was decided to withdraw from the regatta. Races (both victories) against the Milwaukee and Minnesota Boat Clubs afforded this crew its only competition. “The stroke was unsettled (with) Kingsbury, Orth, Perks and Goodman (having) all tried.”


In the IRA's:

IRA results, before a crowd of 70,000 were as follows: varsity eights - California (18.35.8, breaking a record set by Cornell under Coach Courtney in 1901), Columbia , Washington , Cornell, Navy, Syracuse and Penn; junior varsity eight - Navy, Cornell, Syracuse, Washington, Columbia , and Penn; and the freshman eight - Navy, Cornell, Syracuse, Washington, Penn, Columbia and California .

In August 1928, Coach 'Dad' Vail died at age 69 as the oldest crew coach in the U.S.



Don B. Abert
Frazier W. Bassett
Doesey A. Buckley
Allan B. Bibbey
John E. Cullinane
Phil Davis
Warren Drouet
Eugene Goodman
Henry F. Hagemeister
J. (Joseph) David Horsfall
Homer E. Kieweg
Lawrence Kingsbury
Dietrick Lunde
John C. McCarter
Franklin L. Orth
John L. Parks
Foster C. Smith
Jerome W. Sperling
Lloyd R. Taylor
OSCAR Woelfel
Robert A. Zentner


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