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Mike Murphy
George 'Mike' Murphy
  Edward C. Helmke
Edward C. Helmke
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The Badger 1935 read,

Although the season of 1934 was exceptionally lean - only one varsity race and two freshman pulls run off - the material was graded very high. At the close of the 1934 season, Murphy resigned as coach and Ralph Hunn, 1933 coxswain, was appointed as coach.

May 19, the UW frosh, in a 1¼ -mile race on Lake Mendota against St. John's Military Academy , led most of the way. Both crews took a long time to get off to an even start. St. John 's (6:50) military boys flashed by the young Badgers (6:51) with 200 feet to reach the finish five feet ahead of the Badgers. The victory marked the 10 th time in the last 11 starts that St. John's had beaten the Badgers. The yearlings last won a spring ago.

On the same day, in the Mother's and Father's Weekend Race, the varsity split into two eights and competed. The “Reds” (Stampen, Gitzin, LeVeen, McClain, Ivins, Zielinski, Leopold, Heun, Hale and Hale (cox)) achieved a two length victory over the “Whites” (Kramer, Rosten, Capt. Helmke, Olson, Falk, Kaska, Sutten, and Huhn; Clarke Smith may have been the “White” coxswain); the times were 5:26 and 5:38 respectively.

UW raced and twice won against each of the Milwaukee Rowing Club and the St. Louis Boating Club.

Note: In 1934, the orignal race in what would later formally become the “Dad” Vail Regatta was held at Marietta , Ohio . The first place “Dad” Vail Trophy was won by Marietta College . Penn's sub-varsity was second (under Coach “Rusty” Callow, who hosted the regatta and who donated the “Dad” Vail Trophy), Rutgers was third (under former UW coach Ned Ten Eyck) and Manhattan College was fourth (under future UW coach, Allen “Skippy” Walz.


In the IRA's:

The New York Times of June 17, 1934 front page article reports the finishes: varsity eight - California ( 19:44 ), Washington , Navy, Cornell, Penn, Syracuse and Columbia .

Wisconsin again did not attend, probably for lack of financial resources in the Athletic Department's budget.

Crew Coach Mike Murphy resigned (in June) after a five-year (sic, six-year span) span of UW crew “in the doldrums.” He also probably felt not being allowed to get to the IRA's for three straight years made the position less than interesting.



1934 Homecoming Program Cover

1934 Homecoming Program Cover



Gordon R. Anderson
Almor A. Bartz
Sam D. Berger
Jack E. Cole
Victor Falk
Donald K. Gehrz
Gerhardt A. Getzin
Edward C. Helmke
George Herro
Howard T. Heun
Otto Hibma
Ralph Hunn
James Ivins
Robert Kaska
Irving R. Kraemer
Edward Le Veen
James F. McCain
Philip W. Rosten
Lloyd Smith
James I. Weimer
W. Thomas Woodward
Casimer Zielinski


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