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The traditional arm waving that comes at the end of the song “Varsity” was the 1943 brainchild of the then-UW bandleader Ray Dvorak. He had originally gotten the idea from the University of Pennsylvania students who waved their caps after losing a game.

The response to the call for oarsmen was both large and enthusiastic. Almost 40 men turned out. This group is composed of V-12er (draftees able to stay in college by maintaining at least twelve credits per semester), freshmen, and several veterans from last spring's first boat. Much to the surprise of the physical education department, the demand for another crew was so large that it was literally forced to organize one.

Last year (1944) Curt Drewes, long-time UW boat-builder, stepped in as coach since Rea had gone to the Navy…with the aid of Chuck Constantine and one or two other men from the preceding frosh boat, Drewes turned out a combined V-12 and civilian boat that looked pretty fair in inter-squad regattas…inexperience showed, however, as the Cardinal blades lost both interscholastic races to St. John's Military Academy…this year with few interested men, and little competition, the odds are long that the shells will never be taken out of the boathouse.

March 13, 1944 , in a letter from Athletic Director Harry Stuhldreher to George Rea in Los Angeles , the Director wrote, “Our program has been going full blast here and pretty soon we will be on the lake again with all equipment including the three racing cutters the navy sent us. These cutters by the way became a definite part of our program and you should have seen the way the fellows took to them. Curt Drewes is handling all of this work and it has been very successful.”

Saturday April 29, 1944 , the inter-class matches were held on a 1¼ mile course from Picnic Point to the Union dock. Three four-oared shells with coxswains competed. One boat had two V-12 Navy students (students committed to enter the Navy after graduating from the 12 credit per semester program) and two “civilians;” another had four all-Navy rowers and a third was all-civilian. The mixed boat ( 8:38 ) led the entire way, followed by the all-Navy and the all-civilian. The boating of the mixed entry was Bailey (bow), Wuerch, Constantine , Derks (stroke) and Berg (coxswain).

-“Mixed Crew Takes Inter-Class Match,” The Daily Cardinal , Tuesday, May 2, 1944 , p. 8.

May 21, a meet was scheduled at Culver Academy in Indiana .

May 23, 1944 , St. John's Military Academy visited Madison

The one mile race was Tuesday afternoon on Lake Mendota . St. John's margin of victory over Wisconsin 's varsity was a third of a length. UW's boating was: Dave Anderson (bow), George Gutusric, Charles Constantine, Hugh Rubenstein, Gehn Badey, Murdo Hutchison, Bruno Mueller, Roy Wotoril (stroke) and Seymour Scolnas (coxswain). For St. Johns: David Pearce (bow), Robert Connelly, Harold Schott, Ted Kolbe, John Jung, Harry Dickleman, Dan VanderNoot, Jeter Arnold (stroke) and Charles Davidson (coxswain). A follow-up dual meet with St. John's was tentatively planned in Delafield for June 3.

- Wisconsin 's Crew Beaten by Cadets, Wisconsin State Journal , May 24, 1944 , p.15.

The Detroit University Boat Club sent an invitation to Wisconsin requesting a dual race with the Badger crew at Detroit .”



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