1954 Season

Norm Sonju
Norm Sonju
  Virgil Trummer-SubsJim Lorenzen
Virgil Trummer-Subs
Jim Lorenzen
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Season Results

Eastern Sprints 6
IRA 3 (Navy DQ)

Season Summary

The varsity came in third at a five school regatta at Syracuse on May 1. Navy ( 9:57 ) stood off the challenge of Cornell (9:58.8) by a boat length at the finish on very still waters of Lake Onondaga . Wisconsin's third was timed at 10:12.6, followed by Boston University (10:18.9) and Syracuse (10:36.8) Navy's time was 20 seconds below the previous record (10:16.9) set by the Navy plebes of 1952. The first three boats beat the previous best time. UW's JV-8 (10:38.3) was also third on the two-mile Onondaga Lake course; Navy won in 10:22.3.

On May 8, UW's JV-8 (6:25.5) defeated the Purdue Rowing Club by three lengths over a mile course rowing upstream on the Wabash River. UW's frosh (6:31.0) beat the Purdue yearlings over a one-mile course by three lengths.

May 15, the UW frosh defeated Culver Military Academy in a near record time of 5:22 for a mile race on Lake Maxinkuckee in Culver, In.

In the Eastern Sprints in Washington D. C. on May 18, the UW varsity (6:18.9) was sixth to fifth place Cornell by a few tenths seconds, behind winner Navy (6:03.4), Yale (6:05.2), Penn (6:07.1), Harvard (6:13.6) and Cornell (6:18.6).

On Lake Mendota on May 22, the varsity (9:20.2) lost to Harvard by a deck length. Harvard jumped out to an early lead with a 42 beat and had a lead of almost a length at the three-quarter mile mark. At the one mile marker the Wisconsin boat cut the Harvard margin down to a half length. The Badgers were still coming up at the finish line but the Harvard margin was too great to overcome. It was the Badgers first loss on Mendota in four years when Washington defeated UW in 1950. The contest was also Wisco's first dual test against Harvard and the visitor's first trip to the Midwest. UW's boating: Will Schneider (stroke), John Severance, Lou Uehling, Jerry Fink, Foster Smith, Jim Lorenzen, Carl Merow, Bill Mueller (bow) and Jim Winslow (coxswain).

On the same day, Wisco's JV-8 (9:50.0) defeated the UW frosh ( 9:53 ) by one length over a 1 ¾ mile course on Lake Mendota .

On May 29, the Wisco JV-8 ( 5:16 ) defeated the Minnesota Boat Club (5:37.6) by 4 ½ lengths over a mile course on Lake Mendota .

On Lake Mendota June 12, the varsity defeated California by a deck length, setting a new course record of 8:52.0 (for 1¾ miles). Wisconsin took an early lead on the choppy water but the two shells were even at the quarter mile and half mile markers. At the three-quarter mile stage, Wisconsin was a deck ahead and gradually moved to a three-quarter length lead at the mile mark, a length at the mile mark, and a length and a half at the mile and a quarter mark. The Bears spurted at this point but the Wisconsin lead proved to be too great - by just a few feet - to overcome.

On the same day Cal 's JV-8 (9:06.7) outdistanced UW's JV-8 (9:16.7) by three lengths over a 1¾ mile course.


At the IRA's:

At the June 19 Syracuse IRA's, the UW varsity (16:18.7) was fourth (sic). The order of finish was Navy (16:04.4), Cornell (16:10.8), Washington (16:12.1) and Wisconsin . (Note: Actually, Navy was disqualified with an ineligible coxswain, making UW 3 rd . The Navy coxswain, William Arthur Kennington, stumbled on two rules of eligibility - he had already completed a baccalaureate degree at Vanderbilt and an athlete may not compete in athletic competition beyond a period of five consecutive years from the date of his first matriculation at any college. Kennington had entered Annapolis at age 19 and had not competed at Vanderbilt in any sport. The official records will list Navy as the winner but with an asterisk. UW's varsity boating: William Schneider (stroke), John Severance (No. 7), Foster Smith, Jerry Fink, Lou Uehling, James Lorenzen, James Williams, William Mueller (bow) and James Winslow (cox).

UW's frosh eight was sixth behind Cornell (10:03.1), Washington and Navy.

No JV-8 boat was entered by UW.



Thomas Butterbrodt
Richard L. Danner
David Falk, Sr.
Jerry Finer
Jerry D. Fink
Jackson E. Goffman
Eugene ("Gene") R. Huske
Maurice A. Johnson, Jr.
James C. King
James H. Lorenzen
Carl E. Merow
William E. Mueller
David Nelson
Kenneth Runlee
William A. Schneider
John C. Severance
John G. Shaw
Irwin Smith
Richard M. Smith
Stanley S. Smith
Virgil F. Trummer
Louis J. Uehling
James Urban
James E. Williams
James K. Winslow


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