1962 Season

Norm Sonju
Norm Sonju
  William McIntyre
William McIntyre
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Season Results

Cochrane 3
Eastern Sprints DNQ

Season Summary

The Wisconsin Crew Letter (Vol. 9, No. 1 of January 9, 1962) announced the last crew to use the railroad's baggage car as a means of transporting shells (and stowaways) will use a truck this spring. As a result, three old, dirty mattresses and a five gallon milk can are available for sale at the boathouse.

On April 4, Pat O'Dea, UW football legend, brother of former UW crew coach Andrew O'Dea (1894-1898 and 1899-1906) and frequent host of the UW crew during its many visits to the Bay area to compete against Cal, died at age 90. O'Dea had arranged for the gatherings of UW alumni at the crew's hotel and saw to it that the boys were taken on sightseeing trips to San Francisco .

On May 5 on a one mile course on Lake Mendota , Wisconsin 's ‘Sophomore' varsity (both at 5:17.4) beat, by 6 inches, the ‘Senior' varsity, with the Purdue Boat Club (5:32.4) third. The UW freshman crew (5:27.6) defeated the Purdue Boat Club freshman ( 5:39 ) by three lengths over a one mile curse.

May 12 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Wisconsin (8:57.3) - competing for the Cochrane Cup - placed third behind MIT (8:53.6) and Dartmouth (8:55.6) on a 1 ¾ mile course on the Charles River; Brown was fourth and Boston University was 5th.

May 13, the University of Minnesota was scheduled to visit Madison to “work out against the Badgers.”

May 19 at the Eastern Sprints on Lake Quinsigamond (2,000-meters), Wisconsin (6:19.3) did not make it past the first heat, which was won by Harvard, followed by Cornell, and MIT; Rutgers was 5 th and Dartmouth 6 th . In the finals, Penn and Yale tied (both at 6:09.3) for first, with Cornell (6:12.9) next and Harvard (6:13.5) after that.

UW's JV-8 (6:24.4) was 4 th in the finals behind winning Cornell (6:16.4), second place Harvard and third place Syracuse ; Harvard and MIT were 5 th and 6 th , respectively.

June 2, UW's “junior varsity” eight defeated the Detroit Boat Club, which in turn nosed out the “varsity” boat by less than three feet. No official times were available because the timer forgot to click off his stop watch. The stroke of the “junior varsity” boat, John Shaffer, by his strong showing, positioned himself for entry into the varsity eight. Coach Sonju then did a bit of mixing of his rowers in anticipation of the IRA's.

June 9, on a 1 ¾ mile Lake Mendota course, Wisconsin ( 8:56 ) defeated Navy ( 8:59 ) by ¾ length. UW's boating: John Albright (bow), Vic Johnson, Charles Kemp, Tom Kronke, Ben Logertman, Bernie Losching, Doug Reiner, John Shaffer (stroke) and Larry Hurwitz (cox).


At the IRA's:

On June 16 in Syracuse , Wisconsin (17:13.6) placed fourth over a three mile course, 1/3 length behind third place Cal and less than a length from second. UW had been in 11 th place with a mile and a quarter to go. Cornell (17:02.9) won by two lengths, with Washington second and California third. A total of 13 crews participated. UW's jayvee (17:19.8) eight was 5 th overall behind Navy (16:57.3), Cornell, Syracuse and Washington , respectively, over a three mile course. Eleven crews participated in the second varsity event.

In the 12 crew freshman event of two miles, UW (11:35.9) placed 7 th , behind Cornell (11:10.8), Rutgers, Washington, Princeton, Penn, and Brown. It was the first time UW has sent three crews since 1948; it was the best overall showing ever.



1962 Freshman 8

1962 Freshman 8



John C. Albright
Denis Betzhold
Robert R. Burke
(John) Doug Haag
Donald C. Erbach
Jonathon W. Greenfield
Allan G. Heggblom
Lawrence S. Hurwitz
Gary L. Jacobson
Victor R. Johnson, Jr.
Douglas V. Knudson
James A. Kurtz
Benton Logterman
Bernard A. Losching
David G. Mc Clyman
William J. Mc Intire
Benjamin G. Porter
David W. Novak
Douglas R. Reiner
John P. Shaffer
Jonathon T. Stoddard
Marvin F. Utech, Jr.
Michael Wilhelm


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