1965 Season

Norm Sonju
Norm Sonju
  Kent CarnahanDennis Gillespie
Kent Carnahan
Dennis Gillespie
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Season Results

Cochrane 3
Eastern Sprints 9

Season Summary

The spring Wisconsin Crew Newsletter (Vol. 9, No. 1) announced the new crew house, to have been started in the autumn of 1964, has been delayed, not for money or site reasons, but for a lake front study. As the current boat house next to the Red Gym is being demolished to make room for the new Alumni House, temporary crew quarters will be in the private canoe locker room.

April 24, UW's JV-8 ( 6:03 ) defeated Wayne State (6:10.5) by two lengths over a 2,000-meter course on Union Lake in Pontiac, Michigan. UW's frosh scored a 2½ length victory over Wayne State 's frosh (6:49.5) in 6:40.

The UW varsity (6:22.8) beat the Purdue Boat Club ( 7:03 ) by 41 seconds on May 1 on a 2,000-meter course on Lake Mendota . On the same course, the JV-8 of UW ( 6:37 ) out rowed Purdue's junior varsity ( 6:45 ) by 2 lengths. The frosh of UW (6:34.5) defeated Purdue ( 6:55 ) by 5 ½ lengths over the same 2,000-meter course.

On May 8 on the Charles River in Boston , UW's varsity (7:05.0) lost to MIT (6:53.0) and Boston University (7:04.5); Dartmouth (7:05.1) was fourth and Syracuse ( 7:10 ) 5 th .

In Madison on May 8 th , UW's JV-8 ( 6:26 ) beat UW's freshman ( 6:31 ) eight by 1 ¼ lengths, with the St. Thomas College varsity ( 6:47 ) third. A UW reserve boat ( 6:37 ) scored a two-length win over St. Thomas 's junior varsity ( 6:45 ) over the 2,000-meter course on Lake Mendota .

In the Eastern Sprints on May 15 in Worcester , the Badgers (6:15.2) were 9 th , behind winning Princeton (6:12.8) and Rutgers (6:13.5) and ahead of Yale, Dartmouth and Syracuse in the Consolation finals.

UW's JV-8 (6:31.2) finished 5 th in the Sprints, behind Harvard (6:19.4), Navy (6:22.2), Cornell (6:22.8) and Yale (6:29.8).

On June 12, the UW varsity (9:29.6) team lost to the Middies of Navy (9:24.5) by 1 ¼ lengths and 5 seconds on the Severn River course of 1 ¾ miles. UW's JV-8 (9:23.5) lost by two and one-half lengths to Navy (9:32.8) counterparts over the same 1 ¾ mile course. UW's frosh (9:25.8) finished 4 lengths behind Navy (9:10.6) in a 1 ¾ mile race.


In the IRA's:

In the Syracuse IRA's, Navy swept all three eight events. The UW varsity finished 6 th (17:11.4) in the IRA's 3 mile course, five lengths behind Navy (16:51.3), who was followed by Cornell, Washington, Rutgers, and Brown (17:08.3). Northeastern, which started its crew program this year and had earlier this year won all three eights races at the Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia , came in 12 th in the IRA's. Wisconsin was hampered by a foot infection of Tom Sy (stroke), a rib cage muscle pull in Tom Mitchell (No. 6) and a bad cold in Roger Seeman (No. 4). Wisconsin 's varsity eight: N. Halleen, K. Carnahan, William Clapp, R. Krolnik, Dave Storm, J. Norsetter, R. Seeman, D. Gillespie and Willard Witte (cox).

In the junior varsity race, Navy, the favorite, took the lead after Syracuse had held it for the first half mile. The Middies rowed away from the field, opening a lead of two lengths immediately. Washington , Wisconsin and Cornell overtook Syracuse in turn Wisconsin and Washington fought it out for second place then Rutgers came from behind with a stunning sprint to overtake Washington , which had yielded second to Wisconsin . Coach Sonju's Badgers, taking the stroke up to 37, pulled up on Navy but could not overtake them. The JV-8 of UW (17:13.4) was second by 1 ½ lengths behind Navy (17:07.5) on the three mile course; Rutgers was third.

UW's frosh ( 11:40 ) placed 11 th over the two mile freshman event won by Navy in 11:03.4.



1965 Junior Varsity

1965 Junior Varsity


1965 Freshman 8

1965 Freshman 8



Robert Boettcher
William R. Clapp
Michael Danley
George R. Emerson
Dennis W. Gillespie
Steve Goodman
Norbert Grisar
Neil C. Halleen
John D. Halleran
Thomas H. Haworth
Robert Krolnik
George Thos. Kroncke
Thomas G. Mitchell
Donald W. Mowry
John I. Norsetter
Thomas O. Olson
David J. Quam
Charles A. Ruedebusch
Daniel W. Schwoerer
Roger Seeman
Lloyd S. Smith
David J. Storm
James H. Tonn
Willard E. Witte


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