1969 Season

Randy Jablonic
Randall Jablonic
  Douglas Sahs
Douglas Sahs
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Season Results

Cochrane 1
Eastern Sprints 4

Season Summary

March 15, the third annual crew banquet was scheduled at Welch's Embers.

On Lake Mendota 's 2,000-meter course on April 26, Wisconsin 's varsity ( 6:28 ) gave new head coach Randall “Jabo” Jablonic his first victory by defeating the Purdue Boat Club Varsity (6:38.5). UW's JV-8 (6:36.5) beat the UW Frosh (6:42.5) and the Purdue Boat Club ( 6:47 ). Wisco's JV8 boating: Bob Rottman (bow), Dick Zondag, Bob Fick, Dick Purinton, Steve Salter, Doug Stitgen, Phil Schaefer, Bill Evans (stroke) and Greg Marguiles (cox). It was the Badger's first, last and only home appearance this season.

On the Connecticut River 2,000-meter course in Hanover, New Hampshire May 3rd, Wisconsin (5:24.4) won the Cochrane Cup by a half length over Dartmouth (5:26) and MIT. The Varsity Four (5:59.3) defeated Dartmouth (6:03.8) a length back and MIT ( 6:06 ).

On May 10 at the Eastern Sprints, Harvard (5:05.6) won the varsity eight, followed by Penn (6:06.1), Princeton (6:07.9), Wisconsin (6:08.3), Cornell (6:10.1) and Northeastern (6:18.7). UW's JV-8 was 7 th , while the frosh did not qualify.

In Cincinnati on May 17, on a 2,000-meter Ohio River course race sponsored by Harvard's Cincinnati Alumni, Harvard (5:05.6) beat Wisconsin (5:09.7) by one length. Brown (5:19.4) was third, followed by Purdue Boat Club (5:21.5), Marietta (5:23.2) and Notre Dame (5:34.6).


Ohio River Race is all Harvard

Six schools were entered in Saturday's race, and as expected, it was a two-boat battle between Harvard and Wisconsin . An estimated 1,000 spectators lined the Ohio River bank to watch the race.

The Crimson pulled ahead at the start near the Home City Ice Co. and held the lead all the way, stretching it to nearly a length by the halfway mark. Wisconsin maintained a fast pace but couldn't overtake the Ivy Leaguers, and at the finish near River Park , Harvard had its 36 th victory in 37 starts. Only a loss two weeks ago marred the Crimson's unbeaten string in intercollegiate competition. Brown finished third, 2 ½ lengths behind Wisconsin .

‘I thought our boys did very fine,' said Badger coach Randy Jablonic. ‘I was pleased with their performance. We were a little off our plan but it's what I call a real gutty performance. In our eagerness, we pulled a little higher than we wanted. But we came two seconds closer than what we did a week ago and that's an improvement to us. We were at 41 and up to 43 part of the time.' Pointed out Jablonic, an indication of Wisconsin's all-out effort.

The race had been the highlight of the Harvard Alumni Club of Cincinnati's centennial week end. The group packed the Belle of Louisville paddle-wheeler for a close-up view while Brown alumni watched from the Johnson Party Boat.”

Thirty-one years later, coach Jablonic still remembers the race well. “Our coxie, ‘Stu' MacDonald (later an All-American), had a big tin hand-made megaphone from his prep school days. He called it ‘Excalibur.' It was almost as large as a coach's megaphone. In spite of the fact that we'd carefully gone over a race plan, he took it on himself to pursue his own strategy. The crew was the heaviest ever, averaging 212 pounds each. While we took a 2 or 3 seat lead rowing at 40 strokes per minute to the 500-meter mark, we never settled after the start. We might have been going 46 per minute at one point.

-Barry Cobb of Cincinnati 's Post Times Star of May 19, 1969 (p. 20)

Jabo later remembers the Harvard coxswain (Weinstein) telling him that on the water in the middle of the race, he too had heard most of he Wisconsin cox's instructions through the large megaphone, including “Take it higher!”

May 17, the UW JV-8 traveled to Detroit 's Wolverine Lake and on the 2,000-meter course, defeated Wayne State 's JV-8 by one and one-half lengths (5:11.5 vs. 5:20 ). UW's frosh (5:12.3) defeated Wayne State 's JV-8 ( 5:18 )

June 7, on the 2,000-meter course on the Severn River , Annapolis , MD , Wisconsin (6:15.7) defeated Georgetown (6:23.3) and Navy (6:24.3). After a slow start in a head wind and a tide, Wisconsin gradually moved in front by a deck at 500 meters and by half-a-length at 750 meters. The Badgers had two lengths of open water at the finish. UW's boating: Tom Hertzberg (bow), Mike Lohuis, Richard Zondag or Richard Purinton, Doug Sahs, Phil Resch, Guy Iverson, Tim Mickelson, Guy Jacobson (stroke) and Stew MacDonald (cox).


In the IRA's:

Pennsylvania sweeps all three eight-oared races at the June 14th IRA.

In the qualifying heats, UW's No. 2 oarsman, Mike Lohuis, using a spare oar after his broke in practice, was pitched into the water about 200 meters from the finish; Wisco kept rowing and was second in the heat. In the finals, Wisconsin 's varsity eight placed fourth, timed at 6:40.1, behind Penn (6:30.41), Dartmouth and Washington . UW's 2V8 was second in finals by three-fourths of a length to Cornell (6:29.4 vs. 6:26.6). UW's frosh (6:29.1) were 8 th overall, which was won by Penn and Washington in a dead heat (6:27.4). Wisconsin 's Four (7:39.2) was fourth behind winner Rutgers (7:24.3).



Charles T. Allen
James V. Barager
Robert A. Blakely
William J. Evans, III
Guy W. Iverson
Gary H. Jacobson
Robert B. Fick, Jr.
Philip L. Fitzgerald
Thomas J. Flammang
Robert H. Gibbs
Edward Goldschmidt, Jr.
Thomas E. Hertzberg
George W. Jackson
Ronald W. Kuehn
David J. La Luzerne
Michael D. Lohius
Stewart G. MacDonald, Jr.
Greg A. Margulies
Timothy C. Mickelson
Joseph E. Mimier
James G. Ozark
Patrick R. Pollock
Richard P. Purinton
Phillip E. Resch
Robert E. Rottman
Douglas A. Sahs
Phillip T. Schaefer
Steve A. Salter
Kenneth A. Struckmeyer
Lewis Turner, Jr.
Larry C. Utter
Richard Zondag


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