1982 Season

Randy Jablonic
Randall Jablonic
  Aaron Lee Jacob
Aaron Lee Jacob
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Season Results

San Diego DNP
Midwest 2
Cochrane 2
Eastern Sprints 12

Season Summary

UW did not attend the San Diego Invitational on April 3, 1982. Cal swept the varsity eight event (5:59.2), the JV-8 event (6:01.0) and the frosh eight event (6:17.7)

Coach Jablonic, noting the improving caliber of midwestern rowing, told of his recent trip to Nebraska in February on behalf of the United States Olympic rowing program and to his surprise saw a large sign with 2-foot-high letters on a Cornhusker boat house wall that read, “Remember Purdue!” He later described a “little sign” on the latrine in UW’s boathouse which said, “Remember Purdue!” “It means different things,” Jablonic explained. “To us it says remember what the hell Purdue did to us (last year). To Nebraska, it means if Pursue can do it so can we.”

In the Midwest Rowing Championships, Purdue (5:33.3) nipped Wisconsin’s varsity eight on Lake Wingra’s 1,850-meter course. The WisconsinState Journal’s headline read “Purdue whallops UW crew.” The loss was by three lengths and nine seconds (UW’s time was 5:42.1). Purdue, having won last year, was invited , to the San Diego Classic this spring and had spent the last few weeks working out in the San Diego area. UW’s varisty boating: John Schultz (bow), Richard Hallett, Mark Hallett, Greg Gaskill, Brain Frohna, Aaron Jacob, Robert Hougard, John Struer (stroke) and David Matasek, (cox).

The JV-8 event was won by Wisconsin ( 5:47), followed by Wisconsin “B” (5:50.2), Purdue (5:54.1), Wayne State and North Dakota. The freshmen eight was won by Purdue (5:57.8), followed by Wisconsin “A” (5:59.2), Kansas (6:14.7), Michigan State, Wisconsin “B” and Kansas State.

May 7, the Cochrane Cup was held in Madison. “MIT took the early lead, with Dartmouth second and Wisconsin third. Wisconsin took the lead at the 500 meter mark and held off challenges from the Big Green at the 1,000 and 1,500 meter marks. It wasn’t until the final 200 meters that Dartmouth pulled even. The finish was close enough that oarsmen in both boats raised clenched fists in a victory signal. For the Badgers, however, the signal was premature.” The finish was: Dartmouth (6:23.1), Wisconsin (6:23.5) and MIT (6:28.7).

May 16, the Eastern Sprints were held. The UW varsity eight finish: Yale won in a course record 5:40.8; Wisconsin was 6 th in the petite final (12 th overall). In the JV-8 race, the finish was: Navy (5:50.3), Yale (5:53.4), Brown (5:54.2), Wisconsin (5:54.6), Harvard (5:58.3) and Northeastern (6:03.6). In the frosh eight: Navy (6:03.4) won the finals and UW (6:13.4) placed 3rd in the consolation race (9th overall).

At the crew banquet, the “Pickle Boat Award” was given to Matt Brown, “the spirited leader of the third team.”


In the IRA’s:

“Cornell, rulers of Cayuga’s waters, spread its dominance to Lake Onondaga today and won the varsity eight race in the 80 th IRA championships. Cornell repeated its victory of last year. Navy, which won the Jim Ten Eyck Trophy as the overall point leader, was favored for all the eight-oared titles; it did win the freshman fours-with-coxswain event).

The varsity eight finish was Cornell (5:57.5, in a rainy and windswept course), Princeton, Syracuse, Navy, Brown, and Boston University, with Wisconsin first in the Consolation (7 th overall); in the JV race, Navy won, followed by Northeastern; and the freshman finish was California and Navy” followed by Syracuse, Princeton, Wisconsin and Cornell. A crowd of 8,000 to 10,000 attended, down from 13,000 in 1981.

-“IRA,” Syracuse Herald-American, June 6, 1982, Sports, E-5.

Wisconsin’s pair without (John Heinrich, stroke, and Bill Baker, bow) and varsity 4+ (Val Runge, stroke; Mark Hallett (No. 3); Greg Gaskill (No. 2); Paul Egelhoft, bow and Mark Rowell, cox) win at IRA’s in times of 7:26.5 and 6:54.1, respectively.

Peter Wackman, stroke of the first varsity eight winner at the 1951 IRA’s, died of a heart attack the summer of 1982.

"Following the IRA regatta, Robert C. ("Hogie") Hougard, Jr. was named the winner of the Norm Sonju award. Bob had also been a Student Representative on the UW Athletic Board from 1983-1985."



William Baker
Brian Christensen
Paul Egelhoff
Brian Frohna
Greg S. Gaskill
Mark Hallett
Richard Hallett
Robert C. Hougard, Jr.
Aaron Jacobson
Mark Johnson
Steve Manicor
Thomas Martell
Blaine Renfert
Daniel Royal
Val Runge
Brian Steinbrecher
John H. Streur
Charles Williams


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