1994 Season

Randy Jablonic
Randall Jablonic
  Martin Zincke
Martin Zincke
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Season Results

San Diego 6
Midwest 1
Cochrane 2
Eastern Sprints 9

Season Summary

On October 21, 1993, long-time rigger and war-period coach Curt Drewes passed away at 83. October 23, 1993, long-time UW rigger Curt Drewes died.

October 24, the Badger varsity (16:08.31), penalized one minute, finished 37 th of 40 crews at the Head of the Charles. The U.S. National team, fresh from winning last month’s world championships, was first.

Winter training was again in Austin, TX, where the oarsmen trained hard and also shared New Year’s Day and UW’s success at the Rose Bowl with the UW Alumni of the Austin area. Upon their return to Madison, the coaches and crew learned of the death of ”Woody” Woodside, the spark plug of the Austin alumni.

On February 12, the Midwinter Meltdown Indoor Rowing Regatta was scheduled.

March 5, the annual crew banquet was scheduled in the UW Fieldhouse.


Jablonic Reflects on Fall Through Ice

Randy Jablonic has a great love for rowing. He also has a strong affection for golf. For the University of Wisconsin men’s crew coach, these particular likings almost proved destructive last Thursday morning.

Jablonic saw a dozen golf balls spread out across (the frozen) Lake Mendota, and thought he’d kill two birds with one stone. First, he’d gather up the golf balls to bolster his personal supply, while making sure they weren’t around to pollute the lake later. Second, he wanted to check the condition of the ice, and get a feel for how long it would be until his rowers could practice there.

He found out it wouldn’t be long.

Jablonic was about 100 feet out from shore when he broke through the ice. About 25 Badgers then formed a human chain and pulled their coach out of the water and to safety. ‘I’ll do anything to find open water for my team,’ Jablonic said, tongue-in-cheek. ‘And I found water for this club to row in.’

Actually, Jablonic anticipated something dangerous could happen before he roamed out on the ice. After spending much of his life on the water, including 26 years as Wisconsin’s coach, Jablonic has a good feel for these types of things. So before going out, he had taken all the proper precautions. He pounded his shoes to a pair of 2-by-4’s, to distribute his weight over a greater distance. He had taken a 12-foot pole with him, to balance against the bottom of the lake. And he also put on a heavy, water-proof jacket and a windbreaker.

‘I may be a little bit crazy,’ said Jablonic, whose plunge through the ice was his fourth. ‘But I’m not stupid.’ That’s why instead of choosing the more risky path to survival - flutter-kicking and then pulling himself out - he chose the more conservative and effective route of having his team rescue him.

At the same time, that also meant getting an earful from his rowers, and others, later on.

‘Oh, I heard about it for a while,’ said Jablonic. ‘My Lions Club also gave me a 2-by-4 with balloons taped to it and they called it the Jabocraft. I’m still mad that those golf balls are out there,’ he said. ‘But I’m not going back for them.’

-Wisconsin State Journal, March 31, 1994,


April 10, the finals of the San Diego Classic were held, with UW’s men in the final heat, after only two weeks on the water. UW’s varsity eight finished in fifth (16:14.53) behind winner Harvard (6:02.94), Washington, Temple and Penn (6:11.82); Cal finished 6 th.

On the same date at the Merrill Lynch College Invitational in Indianapolis, Wisconsin, coached by assistant Dan Gehn, won the regatta with 172 points over Michigan with 158. UW’s JV-8 (the varsity was in San Diego) won the eight event. “In the final race, the men’s eight event, “ Wisconsin and Michigan battled oar by oar. The Badgers (6:44.4) won the race. The Wolverines (6:45.7) lost their shirts. That’s the goal - for all of us - to push Wisconsin,” said Ohio State coach Tim Carrigg. UW’s frosh eight (7:04.6) defeated Michigan (7:26.9), Michigan State (7:27.6), Purdue, Ohio State, Iowa and Northwestern. In the varsity fours, Wisconsin (7:59.7), won over Michigan (8:20.3), Northwestern and Ohio State.

April 22, Wisconsin competed against Washington’s varsity and JV-8. The varsity event was won by Washington by a length and a half over Wisco (around 6:12).

May 1, Boston University (“BU”) accepted an invitation to compete in and attended the Midwest Rowing Championships. Nearly 1,200 rowers attended. The weather was uncooperative, with driving snow and low visibility. The UW entries all did well. The varsity eight results: Wisconsin (5:18.38), BU (5:20.27), Michigan 5:32.66), Ohio State (5:34.17), Texas (5:37.99), Avengers, and Cincinnati.

The JV-8 results: Wisconsin “A” (5:27.86), BU (5:34.34), Wisconsin “B” (5:43.15), Michigan (5:45.93).

Freshman eights: Wisconsin “A” (5:29.10), BU (5:32.71), Wisconsin “B” (5:45.32), Purdue (5:49.05), Michigan (5:51.56), Michigan State “A” (5:54.87) and Loyola “A” (6:00.311). Wisconsin also won the Open Four + and the Frosh Four +.

The Cochrane Cup was held in Madison. In the varsity race, Dartmouth (5:24.88) bettered Wisconsin (5:30.8) by 6 seconds, with MIT 8 seconds behind Wisconsin. In the JV-8 race, Dartmouth was up by 8 seconds over Wisco, with MIT 25 seconds behind Wisconsin.

On May 16 in the Eastern Sprints – won by Brown (5:55.3) - the varsity (6:06.9) was third in the petite final (9 th overall). In the JV-9 event, UW (6:19.7) was first in the petite finals (7 th overall), while the frosh eight was third in the petite final (9 th overall).

May 21, the spring picnic was held at the boathouse. The “Pickle Boat Captain” Award was given to Paul Melstrom.

In the Walsh Cup at Annapolis, Wisco won two (JV-8 and coxless pairs) of eight races and narrowly lost the overall Fisher Cup contest. The varsity eight and Frosh 4 + races were lost by less than a foot in each race.

As a tune-up for the IRA’s, Wisco swept eight races from Syracuse in a dual meet the Sunday (May 29) before the IRA weekend. Wisco won two straight races in four separate best-of-three 1,000-meter events against the Orangemen. Wisco claimed victories in the varsity, JV and freshmen eights and the freshman four.


In the IRA’s:

Back in Syracuse, the IRA finish was: Clean sweep by Brown, winning 7 events entered in the total of 8 events. Varsity - Brown (5:54.4), Princeton, Cornell, Navy, Temple, Boston University ( Dartmouth disqualified); Second Varsity - Brown (6:04.2), Penn, Navy, Wisconsin (6:16.9), Princeton and Northeastern; Freshman - Brown (5:59.2), Northeastern, Princeton, Cornell, BU and Rutgers. UW’s best finish was a third in the freshman fours + behind Brown and Princeton.



Ryan Torgerson

Ryan Torgerson


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Capt Martin Zincke



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