1999 Season

Chris Clark
Chris Clark
  Jeff Maples
Jeff Maples
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Season Results

San Diego 5
Midwest 1
Cochrane 1
Eastern Sprints 4
IRA 5, Ten Eyck

Season Summary

Dr. Donald R. Peterson, No. 7 on the crew of 1949 and a long-time supporter of the Badger crew, died in 1998. Dr. Peterson, from Wisconsin Rapids, served on the UW faculty as an Extension agronomist. His father Ralph lettered on the 1915 crew.

At the Head of the Rock October 11, on the 2 ¾ mile course off Rockford, IL, UW took an unprecedented first four spots. In the open eight event, UW “A” (13.47.47) defeated UW “B” (14:06.28), UW “C” and UW “D”. There was no JV-8 event.

The men’s crew also bested 48 other clubs and won the overall points trophy (with 676) over Lincoln Park Rowing Club (with 442).

The frosh eight event was UW “A” (11:32.21) defeated Iowa (15:03.12), UW “B” and Marquette. The open 4 + saw UW (15:32.21) win over Minnesota (15:40.87), Wyandotte and Marquette.

In the Head of the Charles on October 24, UW’s eight started in position 15 and, rowing the course cleanly, finished 6 th among the universities (11 th overall) and the coxed fours finished 14 th overall, after a crash cost them at least 30 seconds.

At the Head of the Iowa on Sunday October 25, on a 2 ½ mile course, UW swept the three major men’s events. In the open 8 + race, UW “C” (11:07.7) defeated UW “A” (11.18), which was followed by UW “B” and UW “D”. In the frosh eight event, UW “A” ( 11:40) defeated UW “B” ( 12:07); in the latter, John Taylor was the cox.

On October 27, Jason Lundelius, a UW oarsman in the Class of ’99, died of injuries sustained while biking across country.

November 1, the Head of the Elk was held over a 2 ½ mile course. In the team point standings, UW, with 136 points, was first, and Michigan, with 79, was second. In the open 8 +, UW “A” (11:35.59) was first, with UW “C” (11:53.86) was second and UW “B” was fourth in a field of 28 boats. There was no JV-8 event. In the frosh eight event, UW “A” (12:11.12) defeated Iowa (13:03.09) in a field of 12 boats.

December 27 - January 11, winter training was scheduled in Austin, TX and spring training in Edgerton March 6 - 14.

March 27-28, the San Diego Crew Classic was scheduled.

Against Michigan on April 10, on a very cold and clear early morning off Tenney Park on Lake Mendota, the varsity eight race was won by Wisco (5:59.4), followed by Michigan (6:03.5) and Stanford (6:07.5). In the JV-8 race, UW (6:03.9) defeated Michigan (6:10.2), A second JV-8 race was held and UW’s entry (6:15.2) defeated Michigan (6:41.9). Two frosh eight races were also held. In the first, UW (6:18.2) won over Michigan (6:34.1) and in the second, Michigan (6:33.5) defeated UW (6:34.2).

In Madison April 17, on the 1750-meter Lake Wingra course, UW faced of against Washington. UW led for 1300 meters in a strong cross wind. Washington’s smoother, more refined stroke kept them in the race with less effort then did the Badger’s style. Washington pulled past Wisco in the final 500 meters, stroked by Canadian Dace Calder, who had represented Canada in the Olympics in 1996 and 2000.

The Big Ten regatta was in Indianapolis April 24 over a 2,000-meter course. In the varsity eight event, UW (5:54.25) defeated Michigan (6:03.91) in the finals. UW’s JV-8 “B” boat (6:05.36) defeated UW “A” (6:05.76) in a final of six boats. UW’s frosh eight (6:20.8) defeated Purdue (6:23.8). In the varsity 4 +, Minnesota ( 6:59) defeated UW (7:04.72; Minnesota’s four + later went on to win the IRA’s.

On May 1, on the same weekend as the Cochrane Cup, the Midwest Regatta was held on Lake Wingra.

In Hanover, NH on a sunny warm 60 degree May 1 day of flat water, UW swept the three events. In the varsity eight race, UW (5:33.25) defeated Dartmouth (5:40.5) and MIT (5:47.57). In the JV-8 event, UW (5:43.32) prevailed over Dartmouth and MIT. In the frosh race, UW (5:42.7), with John Taylor at the cox, defeated Dartmouth (5:48.04) and MIT (6:01.40).

The next day in Boston, UW beat Boston University in all three eight-oared events. In the varsity race, it was UW (5:45.8) and BU (5:53.2). In the JV-8 contest, UW out ran BU as did the freshmen in their event.

In the Eastern Sprints, the results were Princeton (5:42.21), Brown (5:46.99), Penn (5:48.91), Wisconsin (5:49.26), Harvard (5:50.28) and Northeastern (5:54.88). The Badger JV8 boat placed 2nd losing by 0.86 seconds to Princeton and the Freshman boat placed 4 th behind Harvard, Brown and Princeton. UW’s frosh eight was fourth, just out of the medals.

May 21 on the Severn River course of 2,000-meters in Annapolis, MD, UW’s eight (5:47.22) defeated Navy (5:51.52; Kristian Knutsen, Matt Smith (Stroke and Captain), Chad Moody, Jeff Maples, John Cummings, Dylan Cappel, Alan Geweke, Brian Bauer and Ryan Westergaard made up the UW varsity eight). Wisconsin’s JV-8 and freshman eights also defeated Navy. In the small boat events, Wisconsin won four, with Navy taking the varsity pair (7:20.1) over Wisconsin “A” (7:24.06), Wisconsin “B” (7:25.06) and Navy “B” (7:50.6).


In the IRA’s:

Cal won the men’s varsity eight in a world record for still water, 5:32.5, with UW fifth.

UW won gold medals in the Varsity 4+, the Varsity 4 -, the Open 4+, and the Frosh 4+ with times of 6:35.3; 6:17.4; 6:33.8 and 6:40.6, respectively. The JV eight placed 5th the Freshman eight placed 6th and the Pairs placed 2nd and 5th California won the men’s varsity eight event, with Wisconsin fifth.

The freshman four provided the biggest surprise. “They weren’t showing anything,” said Coach Chris Clark. “They won and that was a shocker to me.”

Wisconsin won the Ten Eyck Trophy in 1999.


Boats that recieved a medal:

  Varsity 4+ Varsity 4 w/out Freshman 4+ Pair- Open 4+
Points for First 36 36 27 18 18
UW’s finish 1 1 1 2 1
Bow seat Rudert, Gabe Fisher, Matt Miller, Craig Bock, Joel Chin, Dan
2 Alwin, Scott Noordsij-Jones, Matt Kohl, Louis   Epstein, Brian
3 Berger, Joel Seelen, Mike Montanye, Aric   Pollack, Zach
Stroke Tegan, Paul Simpson, Ira Rehm, Casey Woerner, Pat Anderson, Kevin
Coxswain Gutt, Zach   Okada, Vince   Whitish, Jeremy



Senior Mark Danahy, who rowed four seat in the 2V8 at the IRA’s and graduated with a 3.92 GPA in Psychology, was named a Remington Scholar for the highest grade point average of a graduating a student-athlete. The award includes a $1,000 scholarship, providing Danahy enters a post-gradute program within one year. The Remington program, inaugurated in 1996 by the Athletic Board, honors the memory of Prof. Frank J. Remington who died in 1996. Remington served as a Faculty Athletics Representative to the NCAA, the Big Ten Conference and the Western Collegiate Hockey Association (WCHA). The Remington Scholars program was developed through the UW Foundation by family and friends.

As of July of 1999 the Wisconsin Rowing Association had funds balances of $65,000 in men’s, women’s and general categories. (Source?)

August 29, 1999, Carl A. Holtz, UW stroke in 1941 (freshman) and 1946 and 1947, following WWII, was inducted into the UW Athletic Hall of Fame at the Old World Wisconsin, Clausing Barn. Dick Tipple, UW Captain in 1949 and assistant coach from 1950 through the 1958 season, was one of those who introduced Carl. The Patrick Cudahy Foundation gifted an eight-oared shell to the men’s crew named the “Carl A. Holtz” in his honor.



Medal Winners at IRAs:

L to R back row: John Taylor, Mike Stahlman, ?, ?, Aric Montanye, Ben Kaker, Peter Vitko, John Remington, James Frechtle (sp?), Mike Seelen, Dave Obuchowicz, Eric Knecht
L to R front row: Dave Kaplin, Dan Chin, Gabe Rudert, Matt Norddsij-Jones, Joel Bock, Mike Anderson, David Shore

Medal Winners at IRAs



Nathan Alwin
Matt Baldino
Justin Baumann
Mark Danahy
Matthew Darga
Thomas Flint
Zachary Franzen
Edward Kakas, III
Nicholas Latona
Michael Leonardi
Jeffrey Maples
Steven Neumann
Matthew Noordsij-Jones
Alexander Ressi de Cervia
Duncan Roberts
Gabe Rudert
Nicolis Schilling
Ira Simpson
Matthew Smith
Matthew Tucker
Paul Tegan
Timothy Teske
Nikolai Wedekind
Ryan Westergaard
Nelson Williams
Patrick Woerner


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