2000 Season

Chris Clark
Chris Clark
  Matt Smith
Matt Smith
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Season Results

San Diego 4
Midwest 1
Cochrane 1
Eastern Sprints 3
IRA 8, Ten Eyck

Season Summary

In the Head of the Charles on October 23-24, UW placed 3 rd among the universities (7 th overall) and the coxed fours finished first among the universities (5 th overall).

At the Head of the Iowa on Oct. 31, the eights was raced as a Class Day, with the junior class prevailing, with the seniors, sophomores and frosh and “fourthworld” trailing.

April 23, at the Midwest Championships, the UW men swept all five races they competed in at the 28 th annual Midwest Rowing Championship, including the Varsity Four +, which included Mike Seelen, Dave Farnia, Scott Alwin, Nick Kitowski and John Taylor (cox). The varsity eight finished first, six lengths ahead of Notre Dame.

In the May 22, 2000 WorcesterTelegram & Gazette (Sports), the heavyweight eights at the Eastern Sprints finished: Brown (5:43.2), Princeton (5:44.99), Wisconsin (5:46.2), Harvard (5:46.6), Dartmouth (5:53.2) and Northeastern (5:53.4). Second varsity heavyweights: Brown (5:51.99), Princeton (5:54.93), Wisconsin (5:57.3), Harvard (5:57.35), Northeastern and Cornell. In the third varsity heavyweight: Wisconsin (6:05.47), Cornell (6:05.48), Princeton (6:09.44), Harvard (6:10.97), Navy (6:18.57) and Brown (6:19.91).

Wisconsin freshmen won the Eastern Sprints for the first time, and in convincing fashion, crossing the line with a widening gap of open water between them and the second boat. Standing near the finish line, the astonished parent of a competing boat joked to a friend from Wisconsin, “I think I saw Ron Dayne in that boat!” ( Dayne, Wisconsin’s Division I-A record-holding running back in football, had been named the Heisman Trophy winner a few months earlier.) Final finish: Wisconsin (6:00.5), Princeton (6:03.9), Brown (6:04.80), Harvard (6:04.81), Rutgers (6:11.4) and Northeastern ( 6:14).

In the second freshman heavyweight finals: Wisconsin (6:06.57), Rutgers (6:12.25), Cornell (6:14.17), Syracuse (6:18.79), Princeton (6:23.2) and Navy (6:29.42).

The last UW eight-oared shell to win at the Eastern Sprints was the JV boat in 1987; the varsity eight has only won once, in the regatta’s first year of 1946. There was no freshman event in the Sprints in 1946.

The Rowe Cup was won by Brown, with Princeton second (winner of the Rowe Cup the last five prior years) with Wisconsin a close third.

  2000 UW Freshman Class Age Height Weight
Bow Ian Welsh ‘03 19 6’2” 190
2 Beau Hoopman ‘03 19 6’4” 185
3 Paul Daniels ‘03 19 6’3” 210
4 Daniel Mueller ‘03 19 6’4” 210
5 Dan Harrison ‘03 19 6’10” 225
6 Pete Geise ‘03 19 6’6” 200
7 Joe Peplin ‘03 20 6’7” 205
Stroke Pete Nagle ‘03 19 6’3” 175
Cox Adam Franklin ‘03 19 5’6” 125


In the IRA’s:

In the varsity eight finals, California (5:39.5) repeated, a full five seconds ahead of Brown, then Princeton, Washington, Temple and Dartmouth.; Wisconsin placed 8 th overall in the varsity eight event. In the junior varsity contest, Brown won, with California fourth and Wisconsin 5 th. In the freshman eight event, Cal won, followed by Washington and Wisconsin.

UW won gold medals at the IRA’s in the Varsity 4+ (6:41.95), the Varsity 4 - (6:30.11), the Open 4+ (6:49.18), and the Frosh 4+ (6:47.8). The UW Pairs placed 4 th . Wisconsin (336.07) also won the Ten Eyck trophy, outdistancing Princeton (310.82).


Boats that recieved a medal:

  Varsity 4+ Varsity 4 w/out Freshman 4+ Pair- Open 4+
Points for First 36 36 27 18 18
UW’s finish 1 1 1 2 1
Bow seat Kaker, Ben Seelen, Mike Shilling, Travis Miller, Craig Vitko, Peter
2 Montanye, Aric Noordsij-Jones, Matt Fruechtl, James   Anderson, Mike (Fr)
3 Obuchowicz, Dave Remington, John Kemper, David   Rudert, Rudy
Stroke Chin, Dan Bock, Joel Knecht, Eric Berger, Joel Stahlman, Mike
Coxswain Kaplan, David   Shore , David   Taylor, John



Badgers singing "Varsity" after winning Ten Eyck at IRAs
Brad Taylor photo

Team after winning Ten Eyke at IRAs


Varsity 8 at Head of the Charles with names

Varsity 8 at Head of the Charles with names


Freshman 8 after winning Eastern Sprints

Freshman 8 after winning Eastern Sprints


Freshman 4 after winning IRA

Freshman 4 after winning IRA


Second Freshman 8 after winning Eastern Sprints

Second Freshman 8 after winning Eastern Sprints


Third Varsity 8 after winning Eastern Sprints

Third Varsity 8 after winning Eastern Sprints


Varsity 8 at Head of the Charles

Varsity 8 at Head of the Charles


Mike Anderson
Justin Baumann
Joel Berger
Joel Bock
Daniel Chin
David Farnia
Alan Geweke
Benjamin Kaker
David Kaplan
Nicholas Kitowski
Reed Kuehn
Matthew Kennedy
Samuel McLennan
Craig Miller
Aric Montanye
Matthew Noordsij-Jones
Dirk Peters
Matt Rehm
John Remington
Gabe Rudert
Gabriel Rudert
Michael Seelen
Matthew Smith
Michael Stahlman
John O. Taylor
Ryan Van Schyndel
Peter Vitko
Jeremy Whitish


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